Our Customers

Our Customers fall into two main categories: Individuals and Companies.


Many of our clients may fit into one of the following categories:

  • Middle age individuals looking for active or passive investment opportunities.
  • Executives in transition looking for a career alternatives that allows them to have more control of their lives.
  • Retirees looking for a way to complement their retirement income.
  • Business people looking for a way to invest either equity or money to build long-term equity.
  • Women returning to the workforce after taking some time off to raise a family or just simply looking for a simpler life style.
  • Hispanic business people looking to build a business in the U.S.A.

Our goal is to help individuals discover business opportunities that will allow them to reach their personal goals and financial objectives.

Let us begin to help you by filling in the request info section of our website. We will be able to provide you a free consultation that will help you maximize your time and efforts in opening “the” right business for you and not on uncovering the franchise world.

Franchise Companies

We will only work with companies that have high standards of integrity and excellence in the industry.

These companies include:

  • Businesses with proven business models and that are able to support and meet the needs of our individual clients
  • Companies with emerging creative models in aggressive expansion modes, that can provide adequate infrastructure and training; and high revenue potential for our clients
  • Small business owners that have a proven and successful business concept that will like to understand the requirements to become a franchisor
  • Our goal is to help selective franchise companies locate qualified individuals that will make ideal business partners and improve the speed to market expansion through our pre-qualified referral process
  • Let us begin to help you by Contact us with detailed information about your opportunity. We will try to help you in any way we can.