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Top 10 Reasons to Own a Franchise

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Top 10 Reasons to go into Business for Yourself

  1. Call your own shots – be your own boss.
  2. Unlimited earnings potential
  3. Schedule flexibility
  4. Tax treatments favorable to small business
  5. Pride of ownership
  6. Provide jobs
  7. Community involvement
  8. Something to involve the family in
  9. Build a legacy
  10. Resale value – “You can sell a business but you can’t sell a job”!

Top 10 Reasons to go into a Franchise Business

  1. In Business for Yourself but not by Yourself
  2. You don’t have to recreate the wheel
  3. Tried and Proven Track Record
  4. Support at every level – Training, Marketing, Operations, R&D
  5. Peer Group Support – See #1 above
  6. Franchises are far more Financeable than independent businesses
  7. A Branded Franchise Business typically has a Greater Resale Value
  8. National Contracts
  9. Purchasing Power
  10. Personal Satisfaction
“We will only work with companies that have high standards of integrity and excellence in the industry.”

Freddy O’Pry, Managing Partner, Franchise Development

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Working with the team at Franchise Development, you will have the unique and no-cost opportunity to be coached along the road to finding your best franchise opportunity. Our role is to assist you in analyzing your life and business requirements and help you focus in on a few opportunities that are best suited for you.